How It Works

We resolve your dispute by having an experienced Arbitrator hear both sides of the story, review evidence, and render a decision. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks and is 100% online.

Tell us About Your Dispute

Sign up and tell us a little about your dispute. We’ll then invite the other party to join.

Upload Evidence

Once both parties have signed up, you’ll be assigned an Arbitrator and you can write your full statement and upload any evidence. Evidence can include contracts, pictures, emails, text, etc.

Select a Date and Time

Your Arbitrator will then send both parties 5 potential dates and times for your hearing. Both parties will give their preferences on these times and the Arbitrator will select the one that works best for both sides.

Online Hearing

The hearing will be a 30 minute phone call. Your Arbitrator will first ask both sides to tell their side of the story. Then the Arbitrator will ask specific questions to both sides based on the statements and evidence. If the Arbitrator asks for additional evidence, you’ll have 4 days after the hearing to upload it.

Receive Email Notifying of the Decision

Within 8 days after the hearing, the Arbitrator will render the decision. You’ll receive an email notifying you of the decision and can log into our website to see the full decision summary and reasoning.


If the decision results in one side owing the other side money, payment must be made within 14 days. The decision from the Arbitrator is legal and court enforceable. Most people pay on time, but if not, collecting that payment is a very straightforward process and we’ll help you through it.